DeWALT Door Lock Installation Kit 

The DeWALT Door Lock Installation Kit contains everything you need to install a door lock, including a hole saw and a drill guide. The kit also includes a mandrel and a pilot drill bit. The pilot bit is an essential part of the kit because it guides the saw and keeps it from shifting. 

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Milwaukee hole saw for dewalt door lock installation 

If you need to install door locks on wood or metal doors, the DEWALT Door Lock Installation Kit is the tool to have. It works with doors that are between 1-3/8 and 2 inches thick. It comes with a height alignment window and two bi-metal hole saws that can be used to cut two and one-inch holes. 

This 11-piece hole saw set is specifically designed to tackle the most common challenges associated with lockset installations. It also includes a Drill Guide and an Ice Hardened Hole Saw, which ensures precise and smooth deadbolt installation. These tools will save you the trouble of making costly mistakes during installation and ensure a secure, smooth working deadbolt. 

Ryobi’s A99DLK4 Wood/Metal Door Lock Installation Kit 

If you have a new door lock or a deadbolt, you can install it with a little help from a Ryobi’s Wood Door Lock Installation Kit. This unique tool helps make the process as easy as possible, incorporating an Auto-Strike Locator so the lock will be positioned correctly with the strike plate. 

This kit is ideal for DIYers because it is built to fit standard-sized doors. It features an auto strike locator that aligns the template bracket with the strike plate, so you can easily install the lockset without measuring or fumbling around. It also features a built-in adjuster to help you set the correct bore hole. 

The kit also includes a 2-1/8-inch hole saw and a pilot bit, which allow you to drill out the bore of the lockset and make the hole for the deadbolt. The 2-1/8-inch hole saw is designed to fit on any standard drill and provides a clean cut hole for the lockset. 

Choosing a door handle installation kit is an essential step in securing your home. The kit you choose should come with an instructional manual. Getting the right instructions from the manual will ensure a successful installation.