Does Lord & Jackson Locksmiths Offer Rekeying Services for Residential Locks?

Ensuring the security of your home is a top priority, and your locks play a crucial role in protecting your family and belongings. There are times when you may need to change the keys to your existing locks, and one effective way to do so without replacing the entire lock is through rekeying. If you reside in Missoula, MT, you may wonder if Lord & Jackson Locksmiths offers rekeying services for residential locks. In this article, we will explore the importance of rekeying, the rekeying process, and how Lord & Jackson Locksmiths can assist you in enhancing the security of your home. (Looking for “commercial locksmith services“? Contact us today!)

The Importance of Rekeying Residential Locks:

Rekeying is the process of changing the internal mechanism of a lock so that it can be operated by a new set of keys. It is a valuable security measure that can be employed in various situations:

Moving to a New Home: When moving into a new home, it’s essential to consider who might have copies of the keys to your property. Rekeying your locks ensures that any previous keys are rendered useless, and only you and your family have access.

Lost or Stolen Keys: If you’ve lost your keys or suspect that they have been stolen, rekeying your locks is a prudent step to prevent unauthorized access to your home.

Changing Access Privileges: If you’ve had a falling out with a roommate, contractor, or anyone else who previously had access to your home, rekeying your locks allows you to regain control over who can enter.

Enhancing Security: Rekeying is a cost-effective way to enhance the security of your home without replacing all the locks. It is particularly useful if you have concerns about the integrity of your current key system.

Lord & Jackson Locksmiths’ Rekeying Services:

Lord & Jackson Locksmiths in Missoula, MT, is a reputable locksmith company that offers comprehensive residential security solutions, including rekeying services. Their licensed locksmiths have the expertise to rekey a wide range of residential locks, providing you with added security and peace of mind.

When you contact Lord & Jackson Locksmiths at (406) 728-2163 to inquire about rekeying services, their friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will assist you and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

The Rekeying Process:

The rekeying process involves altering the internal pins and springs of the lock’s cylinder so that it can only be operated by a new set of keys. Here’s a step-by-step overview of the rekeying process that Lord & Jackson Locksmiths follows:

Assessment: The locksmith will assess the condition of your existing locks to determine if rekeying is a suitable option. In most cases, rekeying is possible for a wide variety of residential locks, including door locks, deadbolts, and padlocks.

Disassembly: The locksmith will disassemble the lock to access the cylinder, which contains the pins and springs that correspond to the specific key.

Pin replacement: The pins inside the cylinder will be removed and replaced with new pins that match the profile of the new key. This ensures that the old key will no longer operate the lock.

Key Creation: The locksmith will create a new set of keys that correspond to the new pin configuration inside the lock.

Reassembly: The lock is reassembled, and the new keys are tested to ensure smooth operation.

Testing and Adjustments: The locksmith will thoroughly test the rekeyed lock to ensure that it functions properly with the new keys. Any adjustments necessary for optimal performance will be made during this phase.

Benefits of Rekeying with Lord & Jackson Locksmiths:

Choosing Lord & Jackson Locksmiths for your rekeying needs offers several benefits:

Enhanced Security: Rekeying your locks provides enhanced security by preventing old keys from working and ensuring that only the new keys can access your home.

Cost-Effectiveness: Rekeying is generally more cost-effective than replacing all the locks in your home. It allows you to change the keys without the added expense of new lock hardware.

Quick and Efficient: Lord & Jackson Locksmiths’ licensed technicians are experienced in rekeying locks, and they can complete the process efficiently, saving you time and inconvenience.

Expert Advice: If you’re unsure about whether to rekey or replace your locks, their knowledgeable locksmiths can provide expert advice based on your specific situation and security needs.

Rekeying Other Residential Locks:

In addition to front door locks, Lord & Jackson Locksmiths can rekey various other residential locks, including:

Deadbolts: Rekeying deadbolts is essential if you want to ensure that only the new keys can operate these critical locks.

Patio Door Locks: Patio door locks, especially sliding door locks, should also be rekeyed to maintain the security of your home.

Garage Door Locks: Rekeying garage door locks is essential, as garages often contain valuable items and provide access to the rest of the home.

Interior Door Locks: Rekeying interior door locks can be beneficial if you want to limit access to specific areas of your home.

Professional and Reliable Service:

Lord & Jackson Locksmiths is committed to providing professional and reliable rekeying services to homeowners in Missoula, MT, and the surrounding areas. Their licensed locksmiths are well-trained and equipped to handle various types of locks, ensuring that the rekeying process is performed accurately and efficiently.

Transparent and Upfront Pricing:

When you contact Lord & Jackson Locksmiths for a rekeying service, they provide transparent and upfront pricing. They believe in fair and honest pricing without hidden fees or surprises.

Before any work is carried out, the locksmith will provide you with a clear estimate of the costs involved. You can rest assured that you won’t be faced with unexpected charges after the rekeying is completed.


Rekeying your residential locks is a proactive and cost-effective way to enhance the security of your home and protect your loved ones. Lord & Jackson Locksmiths in Missoula, MT, offers expert rekeying services for various types of locks, providing you with added peace of mind and control over access to your home.

To schedule a rekeying service for your residential locks, contact Lord & Jackson Locksmiths at (406) 728-2163. Their experienced locksmiths are ready to assist you in enhancing the security of your home and ensuring that only the new keys can access your property. With their professional and reliable service, you can trust that your rekeying needs will be met with precision and efficiency, safeguarding your home and loved ones from unauthorized entry.