How a Locksmith Opens a Car Door?

How a locksmith opens a car door depends on the vehicle’s locking mechanism. If the door is locked, there are several methods to open it without causing damage. The best method will depend on the tools you have at hand and the type of vehicle you have. You can also hire a locksmith to get you back into your car quickly and efficiently. 

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The most common method of opening a car door involves the use of a reach tool. This is a thin metal bar that can be inserted into the opening created by the car’s locking system. Its long enough to reach the lock’s button, and its thicker construction makes it less prone to bending or tearing. 

Another method uses a thin wire coat hanger that can be bent into various shapes to access the lock’s button. For this technique, you should aim to work on the driver’s side. Once you have found the right angle, twist the hanger to unlock the door. 

Another popular method for opening a locked car is the use of an inflatable wedge. While this can create a wider gap, it can also wreak havoc on your car’s paint and frame. Some vehicles have air bags that can be pumped up to create a wide enough opening. Unless you have a lot of training and experience, it’s probably best to call a locksmith. 

There are a few tricks to using the Coat Hanger method. First, you’ll need to find the control arm. Ideally, you’ll want to pull up on the handle to release the tension. When you do, the hanger should be positioned to slide down the window and unlock the door. 

Another good tip is to make sure you use the correct tool. A jiggler isn’t the right tool for the job. Even if it works, you can end up putting too much pressure on the lock and breaking it. Also, a Lishi tool will likely do more harm than good. 

An alternative to the coat hanger method is to use a doorstop. The reason for this is that a doorstop can be inserted into the space between the window frame and the car’s door. However, it’s not always easy to see which part of the door is the right one. And it may not be possible to pull up on the handle to release the pressure. 

A more advanced picking tool can pick the wafers in the lock. Using this method is more time-consuming than the coat hanger, and it can be difficult to place the tool into the tightest spot. But it is the most reliable method of opening a car. 

One of the best household tools to open a car door is a wire coat hanger. A modified version of this tool has a hook on one side and a straight, straight-sided hanger on the other. These two pieces will enable you to open both manual and power door locks.