How Do I Train to Be a Locksmith? 

A locksmith is someone who specializes in the installation and repair of locks, as well as other security products and services. Locksmiths may also install electronic access control and alarm systems. They may work as independent contractors or for a business. 

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Locksmithing is an industry that has a long history and is growing in popularity. It is a stable and rewarding career. However, before you decide to pursue this line of work, you will need to research the industry. This includes understanding what locksmiths do, what the job entails and what the competition is like. You will also need to choose a specialty and decide how to build a customer base. 

One of the best ways to learn about this profession is to speak to experienced locksmiths. Ask them about their training and how they got into the trade. These individuals can also offer you some recommendations for training programs. The type of training you need will vary depending on where you live, so you should do some research before making a final decision. 

Those who are serious about becoming a locksmith should find out what kind of certification is required to practice in their state. In some states, you will need to have an apprenticeship, complete a certification exam, or undergo a comprehensive background check. All these steps can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If you do not have the time to commit to a formal program, you can still obtain a license by taking a GED test or other test deemed to be relevant to the field. 

The best part of becoming a locksmith is the flexibility it provides. There is no set schedule or fixed working hours. While some businesses will operate on a stricter schedule, you will often have the freedom to choose your own hours. 

Getting a license to practice as a locksmith is a must. Depending on the state you live in, you may need to submit fingerprints and undergo a thorough background check. As you get closer to applying, you may need to submit a resume to be considered for a job. Additionally, a locksmith’s resume is not nearly as important as his or her certification. 

Becoming a locksmith is a rewarding and fun career. It is an occupation that requires a lot of brainpower and logic, as well as a great deal of hands on experience. Having this skill can lead to a good salary, with the opportunity to move up in the profession and to be a better technician. 

For example, in California, you must pass a background check and a locksmithing exam before you can become licensed. The State also requires that you have two years of experience under a certified locksmith. 

The Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) offers a wide range of resources for prospective locksmiths. They can also recommend endorsed training programs, if you are considering a career in this line of work.