How Does a Locksmith Make a Key? 

A professional locksmith can make keys for your home or car. These days, locksmiths can create a key for you by removing the cylinder of a lock and creating a wax or plastic impression. After that, they can use this impression to program a transponder chip and a machine to create a new key. This method is the most dependable and can be used on old or new locks alike. However, the process will take some practice and a couple of trial runs. 

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Locksmiths can also use a code cutter to cut keys from printed cards. The process will take a little longer if the lock is complex. You can also get your key made by using a wedge and poke technique. In this procedure, a small hole is cut in the door and a rod is inserted through the hole. It is important that the rod is long enough to hit the unlock button inside the door. 

Another way that locksmiths can make a key is by utilizing a fancy 3D laser printer to re-create a positive image of the key. To do this, the locksmith will look up the information about the correct key cutting procedure. They will also have to apply the procedure to a particular lock type. Depending on the exact model of the lock, the process might take a few hours. Usually, this is the simplest and most cost-effective solution. 

The best part about using a 3D laser printer is that it is not only simple to use, it is also effective. Once mastered, the process will take about 10 minutes, although it may take more depending on the complexity of the lock. 

Locksmiths can also use a simple file to re-create a key. They will need to make the appropriate cuts on the key blank to get it to turn properly. For this task, they may use a swiss #4 cut round file, which is especially useful for finer cuts. 

One other notable tool is a scope. Scopes are specialized tools that allow a locksmith to make non-destructive key cuts. While there are a few types of scopes on the market, this particular model is designed to create a very fine impression. 

Another reputable device is the key-grip. This device is a nifty little thing that allows the locksmith to manipulate the pins in a lock without breaking them. Most people don’t know this, but pins are actually quite hard to manipulate. But with the right tools, a locksmith can reverse engineer a lock to its core. And because it’s so easy to manipulate the pins, it can even be used to re-create car keys. 

Finally, a locksmith can also use a variety of other tricks to create a key. There are several techniques to do this, including the “wedge and poke” method, which involves drilling a small hole in the door and inserting a rod. The video below explains the various methods that are used in this nifty trick.