How Does a Locksmith Open a Car Door? 

When you get locked out of your car, it can be a stressful situation. You might try to unlock the door on your own, but it’s best to call a locksmith. They are highly trained and will open the car door for you without damaging it. 

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There are a number of tools that a locksmith will use to get you in. One is called a Lishi tool. It’s a long metal rod that you insert into the opening created by the door’s lock. It has a hook at the end that can be used to grab the mechanical linkage on the door. It can also be used to pick up wafers inside the door. 

You can also use a wire coat hanger to unlock your vehicle. It’s a long and thin piece of metal that will slide down your door and be able to reach the button on the door. It’s also great at depressing the button on power door locks. 

A similar trick is to use an inflatable wedge to make a larger gap in your door. You can also pry open the space between your window frames. This will give you a wide enough area to fit a long reach tool. It’s a good idea to keep your wits about you, however. You don’t want to accidentally damage your car’s paint or finish. 

The best household tool to open a car door is probably the wire coat hanger. It’s long and thin and can be bent into different shapes to help you locate the lock button. It’s also the cheapest and most effective. The problem is that it takes a lot of tries to get it into the right spot, so you’ll be tempted to just call a locksmith. 

Another good household tool is a doorstop. You can buy these for a few dollars, but they’re easy to make at home. It’s a simple piece of wood that you can pry open the space between the frame on your window. You can then use it to reach the handle that you need to unlock your car. 

If you’re not in a hurry to call a locksmith, you may wish to try putting a wrench or screwdriver into the hole on your window and trying to twist the knob. The problem with this is that it could leave a visible dent in the frame of your window. If you’re careful, you can save yourself some cash and get back into your car without a shattered windshield or cracked window. It’s a good idea to read the manual on your vehicle before making any changes to the windows or doors. You can find a number of books that will show you the tricks a locksmith uses to get your vehicle open. 

Finally, a thin metal bar can be used instead. You’ll need to be more creative, though, because it’s not going to be as flexible as a standard hanger. 

The wire coat hanger, the Slim Jim and the Lishi tool are just a few of the many ways a locksmith can get you in your car. While some are more effective than others, they all have their place and you should consider using them if you need to unlock your car.