How Does a Locksmith Unlock a Car Door? 

Getting locked out of your car is a stressful situation. You may not have the money to hire a locksmith to come out and open your car for you, but if you have some impromptu car-opening tools around, you can do it yourself. There are a variety of tools that you can use to get into your car, including a door wedge. But which tool is right for your vehicle? The best household tool for unlocking your car is probably a long thin coat wire coat hanger. 

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You can also use a straightened wire clothes hanger. The hanger can be bent into a shape that will unlock the lock button on the armrest of your door. Depending on the type of door lock you have, you may need to use a special tool to pull the handle. If you have a keyless car, you may be able to use an electronic unlock key to open your car without needing to use a traditional key. 

You can also use a door wedge or an inflatable one to unlock your car. However, this method may cause more damage than good. If you’re a novice, you could end up denting your door or frame or scratching the finish. 

For older cars, you may need to use a locking pin to unlock your door. This method may require a bit of brute force. You may also need to pull up the lock button on the center panel of your driver’s door. If you have the proper tools, however, you should be able to unlock your car without damaging it. 

You may also be able to unlock your car using a slim jim. This was a popular method of unlocking cars in the past but has become more difficult to use as car locking mechanisms have become more advanced. Instead of using a slim jim, a locksmith might use a wire hanger. This method is similar to the slim jim in that you insert the thin metal piece into the side of your door. 

You can also try a torsion tool, which applies torque to both the top and bottom of your car lock. This method can take some practice, however, so it is probably best for someone with some car lock-picking experience. 

You can also try using a jiggler, which will probably not work on all cars. If you have a deadlock, however, you may need to use a specialist pick. If you have a power door lock, the wire coat hanger method may work for you. 

Finally, you might want to check your trunk. A magnetic key box can save you a lot of time. If you have a car with no electronic unlock controls, you might be able to use a doorstop to pry open the gap between the window frames. You can also get a hold of a small branch that you can use as an unlocking tool. 

You should use the aforementioned tools to unlock your car, but you may need to call a locksmith for professional help if you can’t figure out how to unlock your car yourself. A reputable locksmith will be able to get you back in your car quickly and without damage.