How Does Key Duplication Work? 

Key duplication is a simple process that allows you to duplicate your own keys, making it easy for you to get into your home or business whenever you need to. It is also a great way to have a spare set of keys in case you lose your main key and need to replace it. 

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How Does Key Duplication Work?

A locksmith can replicate a key using an advanced machine that essentially creates a template for the blank keys. They will use the original key as a guide to cut through the blank key and produce a new one that matches perfectly. This process is usually fast and easy, and can be done for most non-high-security keys. 

The Key Is Not Made Correctly

There are a few reasons that your duplicate key might not work properly, including if it is made with an incorrect key blank or if the lock technician that you are hiring for your job doesn’t have the proper equipment to make a perfect match. The most common reason is that the key was copied incorrectly or the duplicate key is not a high-quality copy of the original. 

Another common problem is that the original key was faulty in some way, such as being damaged, bent, or worn out. When this happens, a duplicate key won’t be able to work properly inside the lock and may cause an error when trying to unlock your door or turn it. 

If you have a duplicate that doesn’t work, you’ll need to bring it in for inspection and have the lock tech look at it closely. The lock technician can then find out what is wrong and fix it before you can enjoy the new key. 

Does the Key Have a “Do Not Duplicate” Imprint?

If a key has a “Do Not Duplicate” imprint, it means that the person who originally made that key did not want to have their key copied. These keys are not illegal to copy, but it is still best to call a licensed locksmith before trying to copy them. 

Some types of keys, like Medeco, are designed to be hard to duplicate and have the “Do Not Duplicate” imprint. These keys are also covered by patent laws that protect the manufacturer of the lock and key system. Therefore, it is illegal to copy these types of keys without the proper licensing. 

Do You Need to Have a Replicated Key Made?

Most people have a key for their house or business. They leave a spare key with a trusted friend or neighbor so that they can be let back into the home or business in the event of an emergency. They also have a key duplicated in case they lose their primary key or if they accidentally misplace it. 

Many businesses have a few key copies made for their staff as well, so that if they lose their main keys they can still access the property. This can be particularly useful for businesses with employees who work in sensitive areas such as data cabinets or other secure areas.