How Does a Locksmith Unlock Car Doors? 

There are several ways that a locksmith can open your car door when you get locked out. It is important to understand what each method involves so that you can find the right one for your vehicle. 

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Picking the lock

There is a range of picks that are available to locksmiths, which allow them to unlock car doors without damaging them. These are called Lishi picks and they can be quite expensive, but they offer a more secure way to unlock the door. 

The locksmith then inserts the pick into the car door and manually sets the wafers inside the lock one by one, allowing the lock to rotate and unlock as it would if a key was used. This method is time-consuming but offers a safer option than drilling the lock, which can cause more damage to the lock and car. 

Wedging the door to create a gap

In some cases, locksmiths will use wedges that can be either hard plastic or airbag wedges, which inflate to create a gap large enough for a long-reach tool. This can be done to reach the electronic button on the door or to retrieve a key that is stuck inside. 

Slim jim

The slim jim is a tool carried by all locksmiths who work on cars and is often the first thing they will do if they need to get into a car quickly. This tool is usually inserted between the weather stripping and the glass of your car window and allows a locksmith to get into the car quickly. 

Another common method is to open the door by using a wire coat hanger and bending it to fit into the space between the frame and the lock. This is a simple and effective method, but it can be difficult to use on some types of locks. 

Other methods include jiggler keys, which are a key that can be inserted into the door and pushed down on the pins within the lock. This can be difficult to do, but with some practice, a locksmith can finesse the mechanism and allow the jiggler key to turn. 

If your key is broken, a locksmith can remove it and make a new one. This can be a quicker method of opening the door than other methods and does not involve any specialized tools, so it is more affordable to the customer. 

To do this, the locksmith will first need to know how the electrical resistance value of your car’s lock works and then they can reprogram the locks to unlock the car. This is particularly useful in modern vehicles that have keyless entry systems, where it can be more difficult to unlock the car unless it has been programmed. 

There are other methods that a locksmith can use to unlock your car, but these are the most commonly used. If you are not sure about the best method to use, contact a local locksmith and they will be able to advise you.