Missoula Locksmith Services

A locksmith can open your car door in five minutes or less. It all depends on their skill set, the tools they have on hand, and whether they are able to do the task with minimal damage to your vehicle. Getting locked out of your car is a stressful and annoying experience. 

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If you’re not the type to call a professional, there are ways to get yourself back in your vehicle. First, you could try to open the door yourself with the assistance of a few common objects in your garage. This can be done with the help of a long skinny metal rod known as a “slim jim.” The slim jim is a nifty little gadget that goes from the exterior door window through the weather stripping and door frame. 

Another clever way to unlock your car is to use a wire coat hanger. This is especially effective on older vehicles with manual locks. To make it work, you will need a pair of pliers and a thin wire coat hanger. Of course, this will require that you have access to a car, which might be difficult if you have an occupied home. 

There are many tools on the market to unlock your car, and the most efficient ones have a higher price tag than you might expect. For instance, Lishi tools are designed specifically for opening doors, and they are expensive to purchase. They are also prone to being damaged and needing replacement. Alternatively, you can try a wedge. However, these are not the most efficient way to get into your car. Wedge tools can cause damage to your door frame, and they can even whistle while you drive. 

When it comes to the actual task of removing your key from the lock, you can’t really go wrong with a professional. Locksmiths will usually have the tools to do the job. While the cost of their services will vary, you can expect to pay somewhere between $100 and $300. Depending on the size of the vehicle, this may be more than you bargained for. 

In addition to using standard tools, locksmiths will often use more complex methods. One such method is a “key progressioning” process that makes a new key based on the original. 

While this method may have a lower price tag than a more traditional approach, it is likely to take longer to complete. Also, if the lock is damaged or if you have an immobilizer, you will probably have to wait for your car to start. 

The best time to call a locksmith is during business hours. You can also contact roadside assistance, which should be able to send a local locksmith to your location. If you need to be mobile, you can find a mobile locksmith in most major metropolitan areas. Even better, you can use your car insurance to cover the cost. 

A good locksmith should be able to open your car door in a matter of minutes, but in some cases, they’ll spend a few extra minutes figuring out which aforementioned tools are right for the job.