How Much Does a Locksmith Charge to Rekey Locks? 

Rekeying a lock is one of the most common locksmith services. This is because it’s a much cheaper alternative to changing the entire set of locks. This can be done if someone has lost their keys, or if there is an issue with the lock and it won’t open. 

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Re-keying a lock involves repositioning the pins in the locking mechanism to accept a new key. This is a very simple process that requires little skill and doesn’t involve replacing the whole lock. 

The cost of rekeying a lock depends on the number of doors that need to be rekeyed, the locksmith performing the job and where the locks are located. If the rekeying is done at a lock shop, the cost can be significantly lower than if it is done at home. 

When rekeying a lock, the locksmith uses specialized tools to reposition the pins in the locking mechanism so that they are unable to be reinserted by anyone other than the current owner or authorized representatives of the property. This is a very safe and effective way to ensure that no one can unlock the door without having the correct key. 

A lock rekey can be done at any time, but it is especially helpful to have a professional do it when the locks are new, or if you’ve recently moved into a new house. A builder or other contractors who worked on your home during construction may have copies of your keys, and rekeying your locks will help prevent this from happening. 

Rekeying a mailbox is another common service that a locksmith will perform. This is especially important if your personal mail is delivered through a community mailbox bank. It can be expensive to have your mail delivered to the wrong address if you do not rekey your mailbox, so having a professional rekey it will save you money. 

While rekeying the lock, the locksmith will need to make sure that all of the keys in the lock work properly. They should also inspect the lock after it’s been rekeyed to ensure that it is still working smoothly. 

In addition to rekeying, locksmiths also repair or replace locks for homes and businesses. This can include replacing damaged locks, repairing the lock mechanism, installing deadbolts or other security systems, and adding electronic components to a home’s system. 

A locksmith will often have to charge a trip fee when they come to your home or business. This is typically a $25 to $100 fee that covers their travel expenses. 

It’s best to call a locksmith outside of peak hours so you don’t pay as much in trip fees. During peak times, these fees can be as high as $150. 

If you live in a rural area, you may have to pay more for a locksmith service call. This is because a locksmith has to cover their travel costs by driving from their office to your location. 

A locksmith can rekey your locks for an affordable price, so it’s worth calling a specialist to get the job done. These professionals are trained to handle door locks with precision parts, so they can rekey a lock properly without damaging it.