Missoula Locksmith Services

If you have ever been locked out of your vehicle, you have probably asked yourself: how much does it cost to unlock your car? Depending on the complexity of the job, you could be looking at hundreds of dollars. However, there are some ways to save money without sacrificing quality. While calling the local locksmith may be the cheapest option, you may want to check out your insurance provider or the manufacturer of your vehicle. 

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You could always use the local police to help. However, this option is best suited for emergencies. Unless you’ve got a spare key, the costs associated with having your car towed could be prohibitive. The next best thing is a call to your auto insurer, who will likely have a network of auto locksmiths to choose from. This is a great way to ensure a swift and efficient unlocking. 

Obviously, it’s not a good idea to attempt to open your vehicle using a coat hanger. If you do try to do this yourself, you risk damage to the lock or even serious illness. Similarly, do not attempt to use the car key to unlock the door, as you risk causing more damage to the door itself. In addition, it’s best to use a more sophisticated tool than a coat hanger. 

Getting a new key made for your car is a great way to make sure it has a key that works. Many dealerships and locksmiths can manufacture a key that can be rekeyed into your automobile. A good number of locksmiths can also produce a transponder, which is a type of key that can be programmed to work with your particular automobile. These keys are available on many popular models and are considered the industry standard. 

One of the most important things to remember when deciding on a key is the quality of the lock. Using a shoddy lock will increase the price of the operation. For example, if your keys are bent or cracked, you might have to spend more for an automotive locksmith to replace them. Additionally, if you have a foreign model, the price will probably be higher. 

One of the more impressive tricks to get you back in your car is the “magic key.” Some cars are able to be opened with a tiny key, a device called a “Magic Key” (or “Magic Key Fob”), or a small keychain that is actually a lockpick. Other cars only have a single door. Regardless of your car, it’s a good idea to keep a key tucked away for emergencies. 

Fortunately, there are several companies that will cover your costs. Most will only travel within a specified radius, but some will go as far as to pick up your keys and unlock your vehicle for you. Although these services are not free, they do come in handy. Ultimately, you’ll need to decide which route is best for you. As long as you have roadside assistance coverage, it’s a win-win situation.