How Much Does It Cost To Have A Locksmith Open Your Car? 

Most drivers have gotten locked out of their cars at least once. You don’t need to be an expert to know this is a major inconvenience, but it can also be a potentially costly one. The good news is that a locksmith can help. There are several factors that will affect how much it will cost to get your car unlocked. 

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One of the first things you will want to check is your warranty or roadside assistance coverage. These programs can provide you with emergency service as well as cover the costs of a locksmith. Depending on what type of coverage you have, you may be able to call for free or pay a nominal fee. If you have a premium credit card, you may even get reimbursed for the cost of the service. However, there are often limits on the number of calls you can make, so you may have to wait before you can take advantage of this feature. 

Another thing to consider is the type of lock that your vehicle uses. Modern cars are fitted with transponder keys with chips that can be used to open your door. This technology requires specialized tools to unlock your car, and the cost of replacing the keypad or having a new one installed can be pricey. 

The average locksmith bill will cost you somewhere in the ballpark of $50 to $300. This isn’t just a question of how much money you have; it also depends on the size and condition of the door. It is also a good idea to have a spare key at hand. Your friends, family, or coworkers might have a spare. In some cases, you can even pay a tow truck company to retrieve the key and bring it to you. 

The most important part of any lockout is safety. Not opening a locked car door can be hazardous to you or the driver. A professional locksmith can replace the lock, and they can install a keypad to make entering your car more convenient. 

While you are calling around for the best deal, keep in mind the other car lockout options, such as calling the police. Although the police may be able to assist in your car unlocking needs, they usually don’t have the specialized equipment to get your car unlocked. For this reason, you might find yourself paying a higher rate than you should have to. Fortunately, the police are only a phone call away. 

Of course, you won’t always have a spare key at hand. In some cases, you can call for a “spare key,” which is a duplicate key that the locksmith can create for you. Similarly, the locksmith will cut you a “regular” key, if you prefer not to have a copy made. Some locksmiths will even rekey your car and replace the ignition key for you. 

While the cost to have a locksmith open your car might be in the hundreds of dollars, the process is worth the investment if you’re locked out of your vehicle. Having a spare key can mean the difference between a stressful and traumatic experience and one that is more pleasant.