How Much Does Key Duplication Cost? 

Whether you have a mechanical or decorative key that needs duplicating, it is important to find out how much key duplication costs. Generally, the cost of key duplication ranges from $1 to $5 per piece. This price includes the cost of the key blank and labor. You will also have to pay for a copy of your key. 

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Cost of mechanical keys 

The price of mechanical keyboards can be quite high. The switches alone can cost several hundred dollars. Mechanical keyboards are also more complex and have more parts than their electronic counterparts. They have individual switches, contacts, and springs that need to be soldered to the PCB. There is an additional cost to purchase keycaps and other accessories for mechanical keyboards. 

While the mechanical keyboard is more expensive than a standard keyboard, its unique features make it a worthwhile investment. These keyboards are ideal for those who type a lot. While a cheap keyboard might save you a few dollars, it can ruin your hands and wrists. 

Cost of decorative keys 

Decorative keys are popular home decor items. Collectors typically look for antique keys, but you can also find reproductions for a fraction of the cost. Skeleton keys are popular as wind chimes, and they can also be framed for wall decor. Skeleton keys can also be worn as jewelry, making them an excellent way to express your personality. 

Prices for skeleton keys are steadily rising, but many of them still cost less than $10. They can be as cheap as $1 if sold in bulk. However, prices are expected to continue to rise as more people become interested in collecting them. Many houses built before the 1950s still use skeleton keys for most doors. 

Cost of car key duplication 

The cost of car key duplication will vary depending on how precise the duplication is. The more accurate the key is, the higher the price will be. Also, the cost will be higher if the duplicated key is not able to open the car door. Another factor that determines the price is the type of machine used to duplicate the key. 

Whether you go to a locksmith or a home depot can determine how much the service will cost. However, the representative at the hardware store or home depot may not be able to help you because they are not trained to do much more than put the keys into the machine.