How Much For a Locksmith to Rekey a Lock? 

Whether you’re looking for a locksmith to change your locks or simply need them to rekey your old ones, how much does it cost?

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Locks are a critical element of any home or business, and if you have one that’s old or broken, it’s worth considering having them rekeyed. Rekeying is a process that changes the tumblers inside of a lock so that a new key is required to open it. This is often done when someone moves into the property and needs to be given access, or if you need to replace a lost or stolen key. 

Rekeying is a much less expensive option than changing locks, but it does take time and skill. The best way to ensure that your lock is rekeyed properly is to hire a professional locksmith to perform the job. 

The cost to rekey a lock will vary depending on the type of lock you have and its complexity. For example, a standard deadbolt lock is more expensive to rekey than a more advanced, high-tech lock. The price will also depend on the number of locks you need rekeyed. 

If you have a high-tech lock or you need to replace a standard one, it’s a good idea to check with the locksmith who first installed your lock for an estimate. They can then determine the best solution for you and recommend a replacement if needed. 

You’ll need to take inventory of the locks in your home before getting a quote, so be sure to write down all of the different types of locks you have and call the locksmith to get an itemized receipt. This will help you track the costs and make sure that you’re not being overcharged. 

Taking the time to rekey your locks is a great way to increase security and reduce your risk of becoming a victim of break-ins or robberies. The average cost to rekey a house is about $200, but this will vary based on the type of locks you have and your location. 

Some locksmiths will also provide a free estimate for the service. This will include an itemized list of the locks that need to be rekeyed and the estimated costs for each. 

The locksmith will then come to your house and complete the rekeying process. They can also help you choose a lock that matches the rest of your doors and give you tips for using the correct keys. 

You can find the right locksmith for your needs by using a locksmith rating site such as Thumbtack or by looking at local reviews. Choosing the right locksmith will save you money and headaches in the long run. 

A professional locksmith will know how to handle all kinds of locks, and they can install them safely and quickly. This is important when you have valuables stored in your home, like jewelry or money. 

For a small fee, a locksmith can also make duplicate keys for your existing lock. This can be a great option for those who are out of the habit of carrying around extra keys, or if you need to replace lost or stolen keys.