How Much for a Locksmith to Program a Key Fob? 

A key fob is an electronic device that allows you to lock and unlock doors, open a trunk or other compartment, and trigger a security alarm. Most cars have at least one, and some are even equipped with more than one remote. The cost to have your key fob reprogrammed can vary, depending on the type of fob and other factors. 

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If you want to save money, try to do it yourself if you can. Usually, you can find instructions in your car owner’s manual that explain how to do it. However, it can be difficult to do it yourself because some models of cars require specific hardware and software to program the remotes. 

The most expensive thing you can do to get your key fob reprogrammed is to take it to the dealership or an auto locksmith. These professionals have the proper tools and can usually do the job quickly and efficiently. 

In most cases, you can find a key fob for less than $200 at your local store or online. The cost to have it reprogrammed will depend on how complex the work is and whether or not your dealer can help you out with it. 

Alternatively, you can buy an aftermarket key fob that is made specifically for your car model. These are typically cheaper than the dealership, but they can sometimes be of lower quality. 

Some models of cars have a transponder key that requires special programming equipment to reprogram. These keys are more complex than regular keys and require a lot of time to reprogram. 

If you want to keep your costs down, you can try to do it yourself or bring the key to a locksmith for reprogramming. You will need to be sure that the key you are using is compatible with your vehicle and that it has not been damaged in any way. 

For most models of cars, the key can be programmed by holding down certain buttons on the remote and then pressing the ignition button. Normally, the fob should enter programming mode within about 5 seconds of doing this. If it does not, you should repeat the process several times. 

Once it is in reprogramming mode, the locksmith will need to enter your car’s code into the device. This will tell the fob what codes to use to unlock your door or trunk. 

During the reprogramming process, a locksmith will also be able to replace any damaged components that are in your key fob. These can include a chip in the key, a battery or other parts that need to be replaced. 

This is an important service to have done if your key has been damaged in any way. This will make the key more secure and ensure that only you have access to your car. 

Generally, a locksmith can program your key fob for between $50 and $200, depending on the model and make of the remote and other factors. You will need to consider the complexity of the task and other costs, such as emergency fees, in order to come up with the best price for you.