How Much Is a Locksmith to Make a Car Key? 

The cost of having a locksmith duplicate a car key is not a difficult question to answer, but it can vary dramatically based on the type of vehicle and the equipment used. Generally, the more sophisticated and technologically advanced keys will cost more than the normal key. 

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There are many ways to save money on your new keys. One of the cheapest is to take your new key to a hardware store and purchase a key duplicator. Many hardware stores offer these devices for less than $10, making it an inexpensive option for those without access to a professional locksmith. 

Another option is to purchase a specialized blank. Some of the more popular types include the Schlage and Titan blanks. This is a great way to cut down on costs, but you may have to take the blank to a professional to get the key shaped right. 

However, if you are looking for a specialized key for a high-end vehicle, you are probably better off going to an auto dealership. These shops can make a key for your particular model and even program the key for you if you wish. In some cases, a dealer will also provide you with a replacement ignition key. They might charge you a nominal fee, but this is a much lower price than having your vehicle towed to a dealership. 

If you have an old car, you might be able to copy the’smart’ tame by using the latest software available. A professional locksmith should have access to the latest tools and will know how to program your new key. Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, this can be a good option for getting your car started again. 

On the other hand, you could pay a small fortune for a new transponder or remote key. Most locksmiths charge between $30 and $75 to program a new transponder in your vehicle. This is the most cost-effective method, but you will have to call your local dealership or auto shop to schedule an appointment and pick up your new key. 

The cheapest and most simple car key reprogramming can be performed by a novice using a home key replacement kit. While you might think this is a waste of time, it is the simplest way to replace a broken key. You might even want to consider a valet service. With a valet key, you can keep your glove box contents safe in case you need to use your own car keys in the future. 

For those with an older model or more complex vehicle, it might be cheaper to call a professional than to spend the weekend repairing the problem. You can always have a professional make the copy for you, but you will need to provide them with all of the required information. Of course, it’s not impossible to find a reputable auto locksmith in your area. To get the best deal, call around for quotes before you make a decision.