How to Duplicate a Key That Says Duplication Prohibited?

When a key is labeled as “duplicate prohibited,” it isn’t necessarily safe to duplicate it. Several factors need to be considered before you attempt this, including documentation required by the locksmith and the potential security ramifications of duplicating a key without permission. 

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Do not duplicate a key that says duplication prohibited 

Labeling a key as “Do Not Duplicate” does not necessarily mean it’s illegal to duplicate. Instead, it means “please do not make copies of this key without the owner’s permission.” This is often true for a key that opens a post office box, or for “US Property” keys. 

Some keys are restricted or high-security, and duplication is prohibited. These keys may have a phone number or company name. If you’re unsure whether a key is restricted, make sure you ask the locksmith for help before attempting to duplicate it. A restricted key might require special equipment or instructions to make the copy. 

Another way to avoid duplication of keys is to make sure the key is stamped. If the key is stamped with “Do Not Duplicate”, this can make it extremely difficult to duplicate. Many locksmiths disregard this stamp, and copying such a key may even be a personal challenge for the locksmith. 

Documentation required by locksmiths to duplicate a key 

When a key says “Do Not Duplicate” on its packaging, the message is meant to deter key duplication. However, a locksmith trained in locksmithing can still duplicate the key. For improved security, you should only work with a locksmith who is licensed to duplicate this kind of key. 

The process of duplicating a key with “duplication prohibited” on its packaging is complicated and requires special documentation. First, you need to contact the manufacturer of the key. Make sure to ask for the manufacturer’s code. This way, the locksmith can determine whether or not the key can be duplicated.