How to Know If a Locksmith is Legit? 

When looking to hire a locksmith, you need to be on guard for scams. These companies are notorious for charging inflated prices, stealing your private information, and not providing a satisfactory level of service. While most locksmiths have your best interests in mind, it is a good idea to be a savvy consumer. 

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The first thing you should do is look for a phone number. A fraudulent locksmith will likely call you back with a fake number, but you can check it out online. If you have a friend who uses a reputable company, ask for a referral. You may also want to check out the Better Business Bureau for your region. 

Having a company vehicle is a plus. This will give you an indication of how serious the company is about doing a good job. Also, make sure they have an identifying logo. 

You should also ask for a free estimate. This should include the mileage charges, as well as any other services you might need. Getting a price estimate before hand is important, as you won’t be able to judge the quality of the work if you don’t know what you’re getting. 

Another trick a scammer might use is to claim to be a “neighborhood” locksmith. However, it is unlikely that they will be able to come to your location within an hour. It is better to take a chance on a more established and more professional locksmith, as you’ll be more likely to receive a higher level of service. 

Be wary of anyone offering a low cost, no-strings-attached service. Even the cheapest offers can be deceptive, particularly if they’re not in your area. Ask for a quote before hand and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals. 

A reputable company will provide you with the best possible services, preferably for a fair price. In fact, if you’re having trouble deciding, you might even want to call the Better Business Bureau and have them match you with a trustworthy smith. 

Make sure you ask about their certifications and accreditations. Locksmiths that have more than ten years of experience are usually the most competent. They should have an official badge and documentation on their tools. 

For a true testament to their credentials, find a locksmith who has a company phone number, logo, and vehicles. Ideally, they should arrive in their vehicle in the same day as your call, but this isn’t always possible. 

Of course, you should always ask for a written estimate before hand. A legitimate company will provide you with a detailed and clear bill of materials, including any consultation fees, as well as any additional costs incurred as a result of the service. Generally, they won’t change their quoted price much. 

Hopefully, you’ve now learned about the best locksmiths in your area, and the most effective ways to spot a scammer. But if you’re still not feeling confident, try contacting the local locksmith association. Their members can often connect you with a trusted and reliable smith.