How to Open a Lock by a Locksmith Without Breaking It? 

The idea of being locked out of your home or car can be a scary one. However, a locksmith is there to help you when you are in this situation. The professional can open the door, make you a new key, and repair any damaged locks or keys. They are trained and can open most types of doors and will provide you with the best service possible. 

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How Do Locksmiths Unlock Locks Without Breaking Anything?

When a lock or door cannot be opened, people are often left with no other option but to break the window or the door itself. While this is sometimes necessary to get in, it can also be damaging and can leave the person in a vulnerable position. 

There are many ways that a locksmith can open a lock without breaking it. While some of these methods are easy, others require a bit more skill and knowledge. 

1. Use a screwdriver

You can easily unlock a lock using a screwdriver. All you need to do is insert the tip of the screwdriver into the gap between the door and the frame near the handle or knob. Then, turn the screwdriver anticlockwise until you hear a click. Repeat this process until you are able to open the lock. 

2. Find the resistance point

If you can’t get the lock to turn with your key, there may be a sticking point in the mechanism that keeps it from turning. This can be a problem with the pins in the lock or the cylinder. It can be caused by corrosion, wear, and tear, or a misalignment issue. 

3. Use a torque wrench

A torque wrench can be used to remove the stuck pins in the lock, but you will need to know what size yours is. Once you have this information, you can use a torque wrench to loosen each stuck pin and then twist them back in place. 

4. Drill the lock

If you have a drill and are short on time, you can try drilling the lock. But this method is a dangerous one and should be avoided unless there is an emergency. It can destroy the internal components of the lock, rendering it useless for future use. 

5. Change the combination of a lock

If your lock is set to a specific code, you can change the code by hand. It’s easier than changing the entire lock because it doesn’t involve drilling into the lock itself. This will save you money and time, but it is not a very safe method to perform. 

6. Use a bobby pin instead of a screwdriver

If you have a lock that uses a tumbler system, the most common way to open it is with a bobby pin. This trick can be done with almost any lock, but it is not always the most efficient. You’ll need to find the right bobby pin for your lock, so be sure to test it out first before you use it to open the lock.