How to Repair a Multipoint Door Lock?

Whether you have recently bought a new house or simply want to improve your existing home, installing a multipoint door lock is a good way to keep your home safe. Unlike most door locks, however, this system requires you to make adjustments to ensure it is correctly installed. 

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The first step in how to repair a multipoint door lock is to determine the reason for the malfunction. The common problem is that the door has been misaligned. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as weather conditions or building movement. When the door has been misaligned, the locking points will no longer be able to engage properly, which can reduce the effectiveness of the locking system. This may also lead to problems such as the handles drooping. 

Misalignment can also be caused by worn door hinges or incorrectly packed glass. If these are the problems, you may need to adjust the hinges to correct the alignment. If you don’t have a door adjustment kit, you can contact a double-glazing specialist to assist you. 

Using a spirit level, measure the space between the door and frame. You should also measure the thickness of the door and the backset of the door. If you have trouble finding the correct measurements, you can contact a locksmith. The measurements should also include the length from the door’s floor to the handle. 

You should also check the handle and the key for any drooping or other signs of wear. If the handle and key are drooping, you may need to replace the handle or adjust the hinges. Alternatively, you may be able to fix the problem yourself by lifting the handle and trying to turn the key. This may be a sign that the handle is overworking the locking system. If you are able to turn the key, you may just need to adjust the handle. 

If you still can’t fix the issue, you may need to replace the whole lock. This is more expensive than simply replacing the handle, but you will have a much more secure home. You will need to pay around $350 to replace a multipoint door lock. It is also possible that your lock will be under warranty. In that case, you will need to take your lock to your local locksmith to have it repaired. 

Another issue is that the handle may be hard to lift. This can happen with older doors and may be caused by a damaged cam. If the handle is hard to lift, it means the lock has worn out. It may also mean that you have a mechanical fault, which means it will not function correctly. 

Finally, if the lock is still locked, it may be that you have a key jam. This is where the key will not turn, posing a security risk to your home. Trying to force the door to lock will wear out the gearbox, and could cause the lock to stop working.