How to Repair a Panic Bar Door Lock?

Whether you’re repairing a panic bar door lock or installing one, you’ll want to keep your building’s occupants safe. The hardware can save lives in an emergency. The device can also help keep insurance rates down. Ensure that your panic hardware is installed and maintained properly to prevent any problems. 

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There are several types of panic hardware, but the most common is the push bar. This is a horizontal bar that is attached to the inside of the door and allows people to quickly exit the building. The original purpose of the device was to prevent stampedes and crowd crushes during emergencies. Nowadays, the device is the main door-opening mechanism in many commercial buildings. Luckily, you can easily maintain it so that it continues to perform properly. 

The key to maintaining a panic bar is to keep it clean and free from debris. The push bar can collect dirt and grime in the cracks and crevices of the door. This can cause it to get stuck in the open position and prevent it from releasing when it is pushed inward. 

The push bar door can also be locked with a mortise cylinder key. The key is inserted into a hole in the panic push bar. Once the key is in place, the latch is locked and can be unlocked with a dogging key. Dogging keys allow free operation of the door from either side, but they also hold the latch bolts in the retracted position. 

Panic bars come in a variety of sizes, including 3 and 4-foot lengths. They can also be customized to suit the needs of your building’s setup. The bar can be fastened with screws or through bolts. A template of the bar, which includes fastener locations, should be included with your panic device. 

To install a panic bar door lock, the first step is to prepare the door and frame for the device. Make sure that the connecting rods are positioned correctly. Check with your local fire inspector to ensure that your building meets all code requirements. The device should also be installed in a convenient location. 

When installing panic bar doors, it’s important to have a professional do the work. The door may need to be cut to the appropriate size. You should also ensure that the secondary lock on the panic bar is installed properly. This is usually performed by a locksmith. The secondary lock should be a fail-secure lock, which means that the latch bolts will stay retracted while the panic bar is unlocked. 

Panic hardware is usually easy to maintain, but it’s important to check the device periodically to make sure that it’s working correctly. Failing to do so could cause the device to fail in operation. This can also reduce its lifespan. 

The panic bar is designed to be durable, but it can still accumulate dirt and debris. This can interfere with its operation, and it’s important to clean the device regularly to ensure that it remains in working order.