How to Repair Blinds Using a Cord Lock Mechanism?

Often, when raising or lowering blinds, the slats can get stuck. This can happen because the cord lock mechanism is jammed. There are a few ways to repair this problem. First, you need to take the blinds apart and inspect the cord lock mechanism. ,”      If you find that the mechanism has been damaged, it will need to be replaced. You can also fix a blind cord by restring it. This will likely fix the problem. You can restring the blind cord by using scissors to cut it at the top and bottom of the shade. You will also need to thread the new cord through the blind until the old cord is removed. 

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If the lift cord is stuck in the cord lock mechanism, you may need to disengage the mechanism. The mechanism is located in the header rail of the blind. It is made of stiff plastic. In order to disengage the mechanism, you need to turn the pin of the mechanism perpendicular to the headrail. You should hear a click when you release the pin. This means that you have successfully disengaged the mechanism. You may need to replace the entire mechanism. 

You should also inspect the cord guides and the roller pins. If the guides are worn or if there are signs of deep wear, the cords may need to be replaced. If the roller pin is loose, you can try bending it upward. This will help make the pin firmer. The roller pin should also be able to move on the track. 

Another common repair that you may need to do is to replace the pawl binding. The pawl binding is a spring-like piece that holds the blind in place. It is located in the headrail and is accessible through the exterior. You may need to use a blunt tool to remove the binding. You can then replace it with a new one. 

Another repair that you may need to do is to repair the pull cord. This cord may be stuck, jammed, or damaged. You may need to remove the cord lock or replace the pull cord. You can also fix a blind cord with WD-40. This will prevent the cord from getting caught. 

You can also adjust the tassel cord. To do this, you will need to take off the tassel cover and the body of the tassel. After you have removed the tassel body, you will need to pull the cords toward the outside of the shade. You will also need to untie the knot. 

If the cord lock mechanism is jammed, you can remove the blinds. Some blinds may have to be removed by removing the nails or screws. You can also remove the valance. Some valances screw into the mounting brackets on the window. Others may be held up by knots. You can also remove the valance by pushing up on the back of the valance. 

You may also need to replace the tilt gear. This is an optional repair, but it can help increase the length of tilting blinds. You may also need to replace the tilting mechanism if it has become jammed.