How to Repair Door Handle Lock Issues? 

Door handle locks are designed to function properly, but over time they can develop issues. These can range from loose or drooping handles to a lock that doesn’t open and close. If you’re having an issue with your door handle lock, it may be time to repair or replace it. 

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If you’ve tried to lock or unlock your door with a key, and it doesn’t work anymore, you have a good chance that the camshaft of your door handle is misaligned. This is a common problem in older models, and it can often be fixed with a few easy adjustments. 

Fixing a Loose Handle

If your handle has become loose, you can try to re-tighten it using a screwdriver. You will need to remove the set screws that are located on either side of the base of the handle, then tighten them back down until they are snugly in place. This will help to prevent your handle from getting droopy again. 

Another common cause of a loose handle is bushing wear, so be sure to take a look at where the rods connected between the handle and the latching mechanism. If you see movement in these rods, it’s likely that the bushings are worn out and need replacing. 

You should also check the latch follower, which is a small metal disc that turns in the body of the latch, to make sure that it’s not cracked and is aligned correctly. It’s usually pretty easy to spot if the latch follower isn’t aligned. 

Once you’ve found the problem, it’s usually a simple matter of adjusting or replacing the damaged parts. If this isn’t possible, it’s probably time to call a professional home locksmith to assess the situation and help you to resolve it. 

Broken or Stripped Screws

Occasionally, your door handle will lose traction on the spindle of the lock and no longer be able to hold the knob in place. This can be caused by a lack of or poor-quality lubrication, but can also be fixed by replacing the set screw that prevents the handle from sliding on the spindle. 

Other handles don’t use set screws but are affixed to the door and the spindle by a screw that goes through a hole in the handle and into the door. These types of handles are most commonly seen in Europe. 

You can use a screwdriver to loosen and realign the screws on these doors, then tighten them back down until they’re snugly in place. Be sure to do this slowly, and don’t over-tighten the screws so that they don’t get stuck. 

Then, test the handle to see if it’s still working. If it is, then the set screws aren’t stripped and should be fine to keep your handle in place. 

Don’t panic if your door is locked and you can’t unlock it, it’s normal to have a little trouble when it comes to your home security. This is especially true in high-security areas such as apartments or homes.