How to Repair Door Locks?

A misaligned door can prevent the key from turning in the lock when the door is closed. It may also cause the door not to latch properly. You can fix this issue by tightening the screws on the door hinges. In addition, you can reposition the strike plate to make sure that the door lock bolt rests flush with the strike plate. Another issue with a door lock is jamming, which prevents the door from latching or responding to lubrication. 

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Fixing a misaligned or jammed door lock 

If you have a door lock that isn’t working right, it can be hard to open and close. This problem can be caused by a number of things, including poor installation, settling of the house, or just everyday wear and tear. One common cause of misalignment is a loose hinge screw. Tightening the screws will make the door align properly. 

The first step is to check the door itself and the key system to determine if anything is obstructing the lock. In some cases, a broken key piece can get stuck in the cylinder. It is also important to check the strike plate’s alignment. 

Replacing a cylinder 

Replacing a cylinder to repair a door lock can cost anywhere from $209 to $225, which does not include taxes. If you have a remote-entry system on your vehicle, you may not need to replace the cylinder. This way, you can still drive without worrying about losing your keys. 

If you do decide to repair the lock yourself, you should make sure to spray it with lock spray to make it friction free. Also, you should make sure to tighten the main screw that holds the faceplate in place. If you do not have any experience with door lock repairs, you may want to contact a professional locksmith. The locksmith will have all of the necessary tools to fix the lock. 

Changing a mortise lock 

If you’ve broken a door lock, you can easily replace it by changing a mortise lock. Before beginning the task, you should clean the exterior and interior of the door. A vacuum cleaner can help you remove dirt and dust from the door and mortise hole. You can also use a mild spray detergent to clean exterior door hardware. 

Mortise locks are made with a pocket cut into the door. The lock itself is placed inside the pocket. The spindle and door handles are connected to the lock with screws. To change the lock, you must remove the faceplate of the lock. To remove the faceplate, you will need a Phillips-head screwdriver. 

Fixing a loose door handle 

If you’ve recently noticed that your door handle is loose, you should first check the hardware. If the handle is loose, the screws may have come loose or have failed to fully secure the handle. If the screws are loosened, you can fix them by tightening them. If the screws are not tight enough, you can use thread locker to secure the handle. 

If the screws are too loose, you should first tighten them with a Phillips-head screwdriver. You should also tighten the screws on the mounting plate. The latch plate screws hold the handle in place when it is closed. You may also have to remove the cover plate. After removing the cover, turn the handle to expose the mounting plate.