How to Repair UPVC Door Locks?

There are many reasons why your UPVC door may have a broken lock. These include weather conditions, usage, and even age, which can cause it to weaken and break. Another common reason is slamming a door, which can also damage your lock beyond repair. These problems will result in your uPVC door hanging, locking itself or not working properly. 

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UPVC door won’t open 

If you’ve noticed that your uPVC door won’t open, you’re probably facing a problem with its lock. If you’re unsure how to fix the issue, watch this video for a quick fix. Depending on the design of your door, you might have to adjust the strike plate hole. However, this fix is relatively simple and should only take a few minutes. 

UPVC door locking mechanism broken 

If the locking mechanism on your UPVC door is broken, you should consult a professional. This will help you identify the problem and fix it fast. The lock can be broken due to various reasons, including age, usage and weather conditions. Besides, improper use can weaken the locking mechanism, which can make it jam or hang. 

UPVC door handle floppy 

Your uPVC door handle has become floppy and won’t close properly. Floppy door handles are a common problem and can cause your door to become difficult to open. Luckily, this problem is easy to repair and doesn’t cost a lot of money. The problem is caused by excessive wear on the door handle mechanism, which can be repaired by replacing the spring cassette, washer, and gearbox. 

UPVC door handle sticking 

Having a floppy uPVC door handle is a common problem, but repairing it yourself does not have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, the floppy handle is caused by excessive force when opening the door, but fixing it is not difficult. First, you need to check the mechanism of the door. If the door handle is stuck, there is a chance that the spring cassettes have broken. To test if the spring cassettes have been damaged, unscrew the screws holding the handle. 

UPVC door handle stuck 

An UPVC door handle can become stuck over time. This can occur at the worst possible moment, such as when you are running late for work or home. If you’re experiencing this problem, it may be due to a broken spring, a damaged lock, or a stiff handle. Fortunately, the solution is simple and inexpensive. 

UPVC door handle stuck down 

If your UPVC door handle has stuck down or has become unusable, you may need to replace it. There are two main causes of this problem. First, the door handle is too loose. This can be caused by the lock barrel, the part of the lock that has the key indent. If it is loose, tighten the barrel first before attempting to tighten the handle. 

UPVC door handle stuck up 

A uPVC door handle can get stuck up at the most inconvenient times. Not only does it cause you to be late for work or school, but it can also make you feel uncomfortable. If your handle is stuck up, there are a few simple things you can do to fix it. First, you can loosen the screws that hold the handle in place. After that, you can try to turn the handle by pressing it down.