How to Request USPS Master Lock Installation For Your Cluster Mailbox? 

The master lock is a crucial component of the USPS-approved cluster mailbox system. It allows carriers to open all of the mail slots simultaneously rather than opening each individual mailbox door. 

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If you have a new cluster mailbox and want to ensure that your CBU is secure, you’ll need to request that the Postal Service install the master lock. This is a requirement for all residential and commercial mailbox systems that comply with the Postal Service’s STD-4C. 

To request a master lock, you’ll need to contact the Postal Service from Monday through Friday and submit a form. They’ll send someone to your location who can open the master lock and install a replacement. 

You’ll also need to provide a key for the carrier. This will allow them to access the master door and deliver mail from the CBU to the residents. 

Once your CBU is set up, you can call your local Post Office to request that they come and replace the arrow locks on the outgoing mail door and parcel locker doors. The Postal Service does not charge for this service. 

The arrow locks that open the CBU’s master panel are supplied by the Postal Service directly and cannot be accessed by non-USPS employees or factories. They should be replaced by your local Post Office before you can replace the individual tenant’s lock. 

In addition to a master lock, these boxes feature an arrow lock that opens all of the mail compartments at once. This is a critical security measure because it prevents people from gaining access to the mailbox without being seen. 

Another important component of a cluster mailbox is the parcel locker, which allows residents to receive larger packages. These boxes also include a trapping lock that keeps the parcel locker key securely in place during the delivery process. 

If a parcel locker is installed, the USPS mail carrier will place a corresponding key in each resident’s mailbox before delivering the package. The resident then inserts the key into the parcel locker to retrieve their package. 

This is a good practice because it helps the mail carrier avoid walking through a building and entering apartments or condos. It also helps protect mail from unauthorized entry, which is a serious concern in areas where there’s high crime rates and burglaries are commonplace. 

A parcel locker is a good idea because it allows your tenants to receive their larger packages without being robbed. It also provides a level of privacy that would otherwise be impossible. 

The USPS requires that all parcel lockers meet certain standards, including a tamper-resistant lock and the ability to hold up to a pound of weight. It also requires that the parcel locker is located at least 28 inches above the floor. 

Once you have installed the master lock and arrow locks, a mail carrier will use a USPS-approved key to unlock each parcel locker. They will also open the outgoing mail door slot with a USPS-approved key to distribute the mail to your residents.