How to Use a Door Lock Installation Kit?

If you are looking to install a new door lock, you might be wondering how to use a door lock installation kit. This article will show you the different tools and equipment that you will need to install a door lock. Among them is the door jig, which is a square piece of metal that holds the door in place. This tool is very helpful because it helps you make sure that the door is level and centered. Additionally, it will help you drill holes in the frame of the door. It will also ensure that you get a proper fit when installing the lock. When choosing a door jig, make sure to purchase one that has a strong clamping mechanism and a rubber base. 

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EZ-Guide template 

The EZ-Guide template is designed to make door lock installation simple. This template fits most standard sized doors and features variable pitch teeth that make cutting faster and smoother. This kit contains everything you need to install your door lock. In addition to the template, you will also receive a door lock jig and a medium carbon steel drill bit. These tools will make your job easier and help increase the security of your home and office. 

The EZ-Guide template has adjustable arms that will help you drill precisely. You can adjust the template for 1-3/8″ or 1-3/4″ thick doors, as well as a 2″ or 2-1/2″ backset. The template also includes instructions. 

Bi-metal hole saws 

The bi-metal hole saw door lock installation kit is a multi-purpose tool that is suitable for both metal and wood doors. It includes an arbor, a drill guide and two adjustable bushings. This tool is backed by a lifetime warranty. It is easy to use and includes a RIP GUARD tooth system that protects the tool from sharp edges and nicks. 

The Hole Dozer bi-metal hole saw features a rip guard and a plug jack to allow you to access the teeth or cup when drilling through thick materials. This feature eliminates the downtime between drilling holes. The bi-metal saw kit comes with an arbor adapter and a 3/8-inch small-thread arbor. 

Self-centering mechanism 

A door lock installation kit provides a quick and easy way to install new locks. These kits come with tools that make the installation process easier. They also include a self-centering mechanism that helps you install your new lock without any difficulty. Self-centering mechanisms are especially useful when the door has an unusual angle, or a wider door needs to be fitted with a lock. 

Self-centering mechanisms are also useful when drilling holes in workpieces. They allow you to drill holes with greater precision, making your work go more smoothly and more accurately. A door lock installation kit with these features can save you time, effort, and money. 


A door lock installation kit can make the process of installing a new lock easier. It contains the proper tools for drilling holes in different door thicknesses, and is designed to protect the finish of the door. Some of these kits come with a hole saw for drilling larger holes than a standard drill bit. They also have measurements for the holes in the door frame so you can make sure the lock installation fits properly. 

A door lock installation kit is designed to make the process of installing a door lock easy and stress-free. Some kits can be used by a person with no previous experience, while others are for professionals. These kits include a jig or handy template that makes it easier to install a door lock than ever before.