How to Use a Key Duplication Machine?

When you’re looking to duplicate keys, you may wonder how to use a key duplication machine. There are a few different types of machines on the market, including manual key-cutting machines, punch machines, and semi-automatic machines. Learn more about each type to decide which is right for your business. 

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Manual key-cutting machines 

The Frame 2 manual key-cutting machine is one of the market’s most accurate manual key-cutting machines. It uses a 120W DC brushless motor and two-speed adjustment switches. It can handle a variety of materials and can work at a speed of 8500 rpm. Moreover, it is very stable, with no vibration during cutting. 

This machine is operated in three dimensions, giving you complete control over all of its functions. The key blank is clamped in the jaws, and a Y force is applied to the blank. Different people exert different amounts of energy on the blank, and larger people will apply more pressure. 

There are many different types of key-cutting machines. Most of them are manual, but some models use code or laser technology. If you plan on starting your own key-making business, you should know what machine you need. 

Semi-automatic machines 

A portable semi-automatic computer code key-cutting machine has a programmable master key system and can be used in the field. It runs on 12 or 110 volts and can accurately replicate the patterns of many different key manufacturers’ originals. The machine’s computer contains a database of all known manufacturers’ key patterns. The user can also program new key specifications as they become available. 

Semi-automatic key machines require a little manual work but do most of the work themselves. These machines are more costly than manual ones and require more operator assistance. The operator secures the original key onto the machine using a vice grip, then places the duplicate key near it. The machine then cuts the duplicate key according to the original key’s shape, removing metal spurs and markings. However, semi-automatic machines are faster than manual ones. 

Semi-automatic key-cutting machines are a good choice for higher-volume operations. They are accurate, fast, and easy to use. The leading manufacturers in this category include Pro-Lok, Schlage, Kwikset, SFIC, and the Ryan 2000 Machines. Some of these machines even feature built-in dust collectors. 

Punch machines 

When you use a key duplication machine, you need to understand how it works and how the different steps of the process work. The first step is to insert the key that you want to duplicate into one of the vises. The other vise should contain the blank key that you want to cut. The machine will move the carriage sideways to align the key and blank. The key should be placed in such a way that the shoulder of the blank key and pattern key touch the guide disk and the cutter. Then, you must throw the clutch on top and wait a minute for the duplicated key to complete. 

Once the key is inserted, the operator should measure the depth of the notch with a gauge. Next, the operator should position the duplicate key close to the original key. Then, the machine will trace the shape of the key using the stylus and cut it. The duplicate key is then brushed to remove any spurs or sharp edges. This process repeats itself until the key is completely made.