How to Use a Lenox Door Lock Installation Kit 

Lenox door lock installation kits are easy to use and come with everything you need to complete the job. These kits include a hole saw (one inch or two and a half inches), an arbor, an adapter, and 2 adjustable bushings. They are packaged in a convenient case and are designed for industrial business end users. 

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Depth stops 

The depth stops are one of the most important things to look for in a door lock installation kit. Not only do they make drilling holes easier, but they also prevent the bit from blowing into the door. Most door lock installation kits use a screwing mechanism to install the lock, and although they work well, they can leave scratches on your door’s surface. 

A door lock installation kit can help save you time and frustration when installing deadbolts and locksets on metal or wood doors. It contains tools that help align the door’s holes and a height alignment window. The included tools also include an auto-centering drilling guide and an anti-splinter depth stop. 

EZ-Guide template 

This door lock installation kit can be used to install most types of locks and is made of high-quality steel that will not rust over time. This product also comes with an AUTO-STRIKE-LOCATOR that helps you align the door lock bracket with the strike plate. 

The installation kit includes a template that makes it easy to install the lock. The template accommodates up to 1-3/8″ thick doors and two different knob and lock back-sets. 

Bi-metal hole saws 

The Lenox door lock installation kit makes it easy to install a new door lock. It includes a bi-metal hole saw, an arbor, an adapter and 2 adjustable bushings. These tools are rust-proof and easy to use. The set also comes with a guide and installation instructions. 

These tools are made of bi-metal and feature excellent saw teeth and fast plug ejection. You can purchase a hole saw kit with several accessories, but a kit that contains 13 hole saws is recommended. A hole saw kit should include all the parts you need to complete your installation, including a mandrel, arbor, drill bits, plugs, and the hole saw. The kit should be compatible with your drill, because some materials need more power than others. 

Drill arbor 

The Lenox door lock installation kit includes everything you need to install door locks and is designed for easy DIY installation. The kit includes a hole saw (one inch and two and a half inches), an arbor and adapter, and two adjustable bushings. The entire kit comes in one case and is meant for end users in the industrial and commercial industries. 

The kit also includes snap-lock arms, which provide faster and easier adjustments. Snap-lock arms come in a wide range of thicknesses and backsets, and offer quick results.