How to Use RYOBI Wood Door Lock Installation Kit?

The RYOBI Wood/Metal Door Lock Installation Kit is an easy-to-use kit that includes everything needed for installing locksets and deadbolts. The product comes with an AUTO-STRIKE LOCATOR that aligns the template bracket with the strike plate and provides accurate measurements without having to measure. The product is a consumable item and carries a limited warranty against defective parts. Normal wear and tear is not covered. 

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Whether you’re installing a new lockset or deadbolt, the RYOBI Wood and Metal Door Lock Installation Kit will make the job much easier. It includes the door lock bracket and tools you need to drill the holes. The kit features a dual backset adjustment, auto-strike locator, and optimized drilling angles. 

Its focus on precision is evident from its many included tools. The kit includes saws, backsets, and a pilot/arbor bit, which will allow you to make the required cuts with accuracy. It also has an auto-strike locator, which improves accuracy and eliminates manual measurements. 


The RYOBI Wood Door Lock Installation Kit includes the tools you need to install a lock on any type of wood door. The kit contains a drill with all the needed bits, along with a plastic cutting template. The kit is compatible with doors of up to 1-3/8-inches in thickness. To make the installation process more efficient, you can also purchase an 18-volt drill / driver that will work with the kit. 

The Ryobi A99DLK4 Wood Door Lock Installation Kit is focused on precision. The tools include a drill, two hole saws, a mandrel adapter, and a pilot/arbor bit. The toolkit also includes an auto-strike locator, which can save you time. The auto-strike locator helps you locate the right position for the lock. 

Size of hole saws 

The RYOBI Wood Door Lock Installation Kit provides the necessary tools needed to install door locks. It features a dual backset adjustment and an auto-strike locator for precise lock installation. It also includes a Door Lock Bracket, two bi-metal hole saws, a drill bit guide, and two-inch double-ended screwdrivers. It is a great tool for a homeowner looking to increase the security of their home or office. 

The Ryobi A99DLK4 Wood/Metal Door Lock Installation Kit focuses on precision. The tools are designed to help you get the job done right the first time. This kit includes a range of saws, backsets, pilot/arbor bits, and various other crucial parts to make the process as quick and easy as possible. Using the auto-strike locator can greatly improve accuracy and eliminate the need for manual measurement. 

Drill bit 

The RYOBI Wood Door Lock Installation Kit is a complete tool set that enables you to install a lock on a timber door. It includes a lock bracket, backset, and door handle bracket. The kit is suitable for most common door widths and features a handy template and jig for perfect fitting of the lock. 

The kit includes everything you need to install a lock set on wood or metal doors. It also comes with an auto-strike locator to help you align the strike plate on the door jamb without the hassle of measuring. It also includes everything you need to install deadbolts or locksets. This kit is covered by a limited warranty against defective parts and is not covered by normal wear and tear. 

Placement of hole cuts 

If you are in the process of installing a new door lock, you need to make sure that the deadbolt and lockset are positioned correctly. You can get all the tools you need for this process in a door lock installation kit. Ryobi’s door lock installation kit is available at The Home Depot and includes everything you need to get started. 

The hole saw included in the kit can be used to drill the holes required for the lock, latch, and stop molding. This tool has a drill bit that fits into a mandrel. It also includes bits and a guide.