How Much to Change a Lock? 

The average cost to change a lock depends on the type of lock and whether you’re changing it yourself or hiring a locksmith. It also varies by region and location, so it’s important to do your research before calling a locksmith. 

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Homeowners often get their locks replaced when the keys have been stolen or they want to add more security to their property. Depending on the reason, the locksmith may recommend replacing the entire door set or rekeying the existing locks. This means repositioning the pins in the lock to disable the old key and make room for a new one. 

Buying and installing new locks is generally more expensive than rekeying the current ones. The cost is also influenced by the type of locks you choose, such as keyless, deadbolt or electronic. 

Replacing locks typically costs $200 to $300 on average, and if you hire a professional locksmith, this price is even higher. Some types of door locks are designed to be installed by homeowners, but the installation process can be complicated and a little tricky. 

A good locksmith will give you an estimate of the cost before he starts work. This will be based on the number of doors and locks that need to be changed, as well as their size and type. 

The cost of rekeying is usually around $8 to $20 per lock, but this can vary depending on how many different locks need rekeyed and the locksmith’s charges for new keys. If you have a lot of locks that need to be rekeyed, it’s best to hire a locksmith because they will be more efficient. 

Rekeying is less expensive than changing a lock, but you can still pay more if the lock requires drilling or other complex work. Rekeying is also a faster process than replacing the entire lock, so it can save you money in the long run. 

Some locksmiths offer rekeying services at their business locations, so you can bring your locks there instead of having to go to a shop. This is especially helpful if you’re moving into a house and want to avoid spending time shopping for new locks. 

Most professional locksmiths will include the cost of a new key in their lock rekeying charge, but always check before hand to ensure you’re getting a fair price. Some companies are known for overcharging for keys and threatening consumers with lawsuits and arrests, so it’s always best to use the services of a reputable locksmith. 

The price for rekeying your locks can vary greatly, but it’s usually more affordable than a lock change. This is because it involves repositioning the pins in the cylinder to disable an old key and make room for a new key. 

It is important to note that rekeying locks can be an expensive task if the locksmith does not have a specialized tool set or needs to buy extra supplies for the job. It is therefore advisable to get at least 3 quotes before you decide on the final choice.