How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Lock Rekeyed by a Locksmith? 

Cost of rekeying 

The cost of rekeying a lock can vary from a locksmith to a locksmith. The service fee for a locksmith rekeying your lock may be between $15 and $50, depending on how many locks you need to be rekeyed. Alternatively, you can rekey your locks yourself for around $15 to $35. 

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Rekeying a lock is generally a much cheaper option than replacing the entire lock. It is often done when the owner of a home or business moves or if the owner wishes to change the lock. Rekeying is usually cheaper than installing new locks, but the cost will vary, depending on how many doors you need rekeyed, the type of lock you need changed, and where you live. 

The cost of rekeying a lock by a locksmith will vary by lock type and the amount of damage to the lock. However, if the lock has been damaged, a locksmith may charge around $60 to $130 for a house rekey. You can also hire a locksmith to rekey a lock if you have lost your keys. Rekeying a lock can be an excellent choice, especially if you have a damaged or broken lock. It is also cheaper than replacing the entire lock, which can cost you hundreds of dollars or more. 

Cost of safe cracking 

The cost of safe cracking by a locksmith varies depending on the kind of safe, method used, and locksmith’s education and experience. A standard safe can be opened for around $150, while a more sophisticated or high-security safe can cost upwards of $500. While it may seem expensive, it may be worth it in the long run. 

Safe cracking can be a time-consuming process, requiring a locksmith with the proper tools and equipment. Professional locksmiths will be able to crack a safe without damaging it. Unqualified locksmiths may cause a mess and make loud noises while cracking a safe. 

Locksmiths will arrive on time and assess the situation. They have special tools that allow them to open a safe without damaging the safe. If you have insurance, the cost of safe cracking may be covered. 

Cost of lock installation 

If you are unsure of the cost of a lock installation by a locksmith, you should ask for a written estimate. The cost of lock installation by a professional locksmith is dependent on the complexity of the project and the number of services needed. An estimate will also factor in the time and manpower needed for installation. 

The cost of installing a deadbolt can range from $40 to $75. Deadbolts are a standard safety lock for exterior house doors. They come in a variety of styles, including cylindrical, lever, and mortise. Mortise deadbolts are more expensive than lever locks, and a locksmith will need to drill holes for them. 

A trip fee of about $50 to $100 is not unusual when calling a locksmith. This charge is usually the same no matter what type of locksmith you choose, but it can jump to more than $100 if you need the locksmith to come outside of their service area. The fee can be higher if the locksmith is called out in an emergency or at night.