What Does a Locksmith Do? 

A locksmith is someone who can open a locked door or replace a lost key. They can also install crash bars to protect vehicles. In addition to these services, locksmiths can also rekey locks. In some cases, they can even open a locked car without breaking a window. This makes them an indispensable part of a community. 

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Professional locksmiths can open car doors without breaking a window 

It may be possible to get into your car without breaking the window on your own, but it will take some patience and practice. You can also try to call an emergency locksmith, but the wait can be long. If you have children or pets inside the vehicle, call emergency services right away. Attempting to force the door open can damage the lock and make the situation worse. 

If you’re locked out of your car, you’re likely not the only person in the world who’s experienced this problem. Many people have had to break a window to retrieve their keys. Fortunately, today’s automobiles feature tempered glass, which shatters into thousands of pieces when it breaks. This means that you can avoid the hassle of cleaning up glass shards. 

They can re-key locks 

Re-keying locks can be a simple process, but it is very important to know how to do it correctly. You might be worried that you will end up with the same key as the previous owner, or you might just want to have one key that works in all your locks. Either way, rekeying locks can be a great way to make your home more secure. 

The first step to re-keying locks is to determine how many locks you have in your house. You should count all the locks on your exterior doors, interior doors, and doors in any outbuildings. If you find that you have more keys than you can keep track of, it’s time to get them re-keyed. Doing so will keep your home and belongings safe and will also save you the trouble of carrying around multiple sets of keys. 

They can install electronic access control systems 

When it comes to installing electronic access control systems, locksmiths have a number of options. Many people ask locksmiths to retrofit old systems or replace them with new ones. While a locksmith is not required to have a degree in electronics, he or she may have to undergo some additional training. In addition to having the appropriate tools, a locksmith should be familiar with fire codes and code compliance. 

Electronic access control systems (EAC) allow users to restrict access to specific locations. Depending on the security level desired, they can allow only authorized people access to specific areas of a building. These systems can also reduce the cost of turnover by hundreds of dollars by eliminating the need for employees to change locks. 

They can install crash bars 

Crash bars are a great way to increase the safety of a home or building. Whether they’re on a commercial door or a fire door, these bars allow occupants to safely exit a building with a minimum amount of effort. Several types of panic bars are available and can be installed by a locksmith. 

Crash bars are also called panic devices and can be installed on non-public exit doors, such as garages. Having crash bars installed in these areas will prevent outsiders from gaining access to locked exit doors. When used correctly, panic bars can also be installed on doors to make them easier to open in an emergency. They’re especially convenient for small children and those with limited mobility.