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Whether you need duplicate keys for your home, office, or car, the cost of duplicating them will depend on the type of key and service provider. The price of key duplication may be as low as $1 or as high as $4 per key, depending on the materials used and the expertise needed to copy the key. 

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Basic Residential Locksmith Services: $2-5 / House Keys, High-Security Locks and Key Cards.

The average price of key duplication will vary based on the type of key you have, the size of the key blank, and the amount of time it takes to duplicate the key. Generally, the more complex the key is, the higher the price will be. 

Simple Home/Office/Business Locksmith Services: $3 – $5 / House Keys, High-Security Locksmith Locks and Key Cards 

The price of key duplication will also vary based on the type of locks you have. Typically, the higher-security locks will require more time and experience to duplicate. 

More Complex Automotive Locksmith Services: $10-450 / Laser-Cut Keys with Transponder Chips and Remotes, or Key Fobs That Work From a Distance 

The cost of key duplication will also vary based upon the technology involved in your vehicle’s ignition system. Typically, newer vehicle models have more complex keys with computer chip technology to help increase security, and these keys are harder to replicate than older model car keys. 

In addition to the technology, the duplication of these types of keys will also require programming fees and the purchase of a key blank. In some cases, it can even be a bit more expensive to have a transponder chip key duplicated than a non-transponder chip key because of the extra labor and programming involved. 

How to Save Money on Key Duplication: Using a local locksmith that has good reviews and offers discounts can be a great way to reduce the price of your key duplication. Moreover, you should check to see if your insurance company offers discounts for using certain key duplication services. 

For example, AAA members can receive a discount on key duplication, and most locksmiths offer discounts when they are working on multiple customers’ keys at once. In addition to saving you money, hiring a professional will ensure that your duplicated keys will work with your existing locks and won’t damage them in any way. 

Other ways to save on key duplication costs include purchasing a bulk order of keys from the same vendor, as well as getting a group discount. You can also find deals on locksmith services online. 

Why You Need Duplicate Keys: Having duplicate keys is an important step to take in case you lose your original keys. Having copies of your keys allows you to let others into your home, and it can also be useful in an emergency situation. 

Having your keys duplicated is an easy and affordable way to get peace of mind that you will never be locked out of your home again. It can also be useful if you have someone else living in your home or taking care of your pets while you are out of town.