Missoula Locksmith Services

A car locksmith is a professional who has expertise in the installation, making of keys, and unlocking of lock systems of cars and other automobiles. They also provide locksmith services on residential and commercial properties. 

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What is the difference between an auto locksmith and a residential locksmith?

A regular locksmith provides a wide range of services, including cutting new house keys and installing door locks. They may also install security systems like alarms and immobilizers. 

If you have a broken key and want to unlock your car without damaging the lock, an auto locksmith is the best person to call. They have special tools to remove a broken key without damaging the lock. 

They use a tool called a “slim jim” to feed between the window and the weather stripping on a car door, which allows them to open it. For more advanced vehicles, they also reprogram the key fob code or use a VATS passcode detector to gain access. 

What is the difference between an automatic and traditional ignition?

A traditional ignition is a lock that uses a rotating shaft to turn the key. An automatic ignition is a lock that uses a computer to turn the key. If the computer breaks down, the car will not start, which can be devastating for a driver. 

In an emergency, a locksmith can help you get your car started and out of the drive. They can also change the ignition cylinder to prevent the problem from happening again. 

How to get your car unlocked with a keyless remote? 

Many newer cars use smart keys and keyless entry systems. These types of locks are more difficult to break into and require specialized tools to extract the key from the lock or ignition. 

When a key breaks in the ignition or lock, it can be extremely dangerous for the driver and passengers. An auto locksmith can remove a broken key from the ignition or lock without damaging it, and they can replace a damaged key with a new one. 

What is the difference between an emergency and a standard car lockout?

An emergency can occur at any time, and a locksmith is more than happy to come out as soon as possible. Often, an auto locksmith will be able to get to your location within a few hours. 

How can a car locksmith unlock my car? 

If your key breaks in the lock, a locksmith can use a special extraction tool to remove it. This can save you a lot of money and damage by not having to replace the entire lock system. 

They can also make a duplicate key, which is the same as the original key. This is a good option for people who need extra keys, such as when selling their car or getting rid of the old ones. 

A locksmith can also create a new key from scratch. This is a service that auto locksmiths are usually known for because it is not considered theft. Typically, they will charge less to create a duplicate key than a normal car locksmith would.