Missoula Locksmith Services

If you’re ever locked out of your car or are looking to get a key duplicate, a locksmith is the best person to call. They offer a variety of services that cover everything from unlocking your car to replacing entire locks. They are also able to create new keys, replace locks and ignition systems, and remove broken keys from the lock. 

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How To Unlock Your Vehicle Without a Key? 

Auto locksmiths are familiar with various ways to open a vehicle that is locked without a key. One of these is a tool called a “slim jim.” This is a long, thin piece of metal that is inserted into the space between the window and the weather stripping on a vehicle’s door. When inserted, the locksmith is able to manipulate it so that they can reach the locking mechanism and disengage it. 

Typically, this process works for most cars; however, some vehicles may have an electronic keyless entry system that requires a specific type of key to start the vehicle. In these cases, an auto locksmith will use a device that is designed to reprogram your car’s lock system so that it will work with a new key. 

What Are Auto Locks?

Automotive locks are made of a steel or aluminum alloy. These locks have a unique surface and can be difficult to open without the proper tools. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced automotive locksmith who is equipped with the right tools and experience. 

The tools that they use vary by the type of lock system. The most common tools are a key analyzer and a VATS passkey decoder. Both of these tools can help auto locksmith determine the electrical resistance values of a lock so that they can make a key with precise measurements. 

What Are They Typically Charged?

The cost of an automotive locksmith service will depend on the type of vehicle, the time of day, and where they are working. It could be as little as $80-$120 to unlock a vehicle, or it can be as high as $300-$400 for a complete lock change and replacement. This will be dependent on the complexity of the lock and the difficulty of accessing it. 

What Are Some Of Their Specialized Tools?

Most auto locksmiths have a number of specialized tools that they use to access a vehicle. These include a tool that is used to extract the broken key part from a lock, a key analyzer, a door handle clip removal tool and a key cutter. 

What Are the Differences Between Auto Locksmiths and Other Locksmiths?

The majority of locksmiths are licensed and insured. This ensures that you’ll be protected if you happen to break into your vehicle. Most auto locksmiths also provide 24-hour emergency service, so you can call them at any time. 

How Can I Tell If A Locksmith Will Help Me?

If you’re not sure whether an auto locksmith is the best choice for your needs, it’s a good idea to ask around. You can always contact a few of their past customers and ask them about their experience with the company. You can then decide if they are a reputable and trustworthy company to do business with.