What Tools Does a Locksmith Need? 

There are a number of tools that a locksmith must have to help them do their job. For example, a jackknife is a small tool that can be used to open locks or chains. It is great for cutting a jammed lock and is especially useful for removing debris from a safe. A hand-held scope is also a very helpful tool, allowing a locksmith to view a lock and manipulate tiny parts of it. 

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Another popular tool that a locksmith might need is a tension wrench. This tool allows a locksmith to create a tension in a lock to make it easier to pick it. In addition, a tension wrench will stop unwanted movement when picking a lock. 

Key blanks are another essential tool that a locksmith must have. These blanks are used in a variety of key cutting machines. Locksmiths may choose to use a key duplicator, or they may manually cut their own keys. Some locksmiths choose to use a key extractor, which removes broken pieces from the key slot. Depending on the application, a locksmith may need different sized and shape extractors. 

To help keep an eye on their work, a locksmith should wear safety glasses. Many of the hand tools they use can be dangerous, so wearing eye protection is a must. Also, a mobile phone can be a valuable tool for making notes and taking phone calls. 

Other tools that a locksmith may need are an electronic pick gun and a key extractor. An electronic pick gun can be used to drill holes in locks, and a key extractor can be used to remove foreign objects from the key slot. 

If you’re starting out as a locksmith, you may be wondering what tools you need to get started. The first thing to consider is a starter kit. These kits are often sold at “big box” stores like Sears, and are good for beginners. They can come with a basic tool kit, as well as a wide variety of screwdrivers and a pick set with a practice lock. 

You may want to invest in a cylinder removing tool as well. You will need this tool frequently, and it is important to have a high quality one. Typically, the best cylinder removing tools come with a follower. 

A sander is another tool that is extremely handy for a locksmith. Light duty sanders are especially useful, since they allow a locksmith to change key blanks. Additionally, they are good for trimming the ends of the door frames, as well as for adjusting tiny parts of the lock. 

A dead-blow hammer is another tool that a locksmith needs. It is very useful for mechanical hang-ups in locks, and it applies a shock without bounceback. Unlike a jackknife, a dead-blow hammer is a bit more durable, and it is able to remove debris from a safe frame or lock. 

Lastly, a good X-Out damaged screw removal set can be purchased from a locksmith distributor. These sets can be used with a cordless drill to break loose damaged Philips head screws.