Missoula Locksmith Services

Locksmiths use a variety of tools in their work. Some of these tools are basic, while others are specialized to specific jobs or types of locks. Whether you are a new locksmith or a veteran, it is important to know what tools your job demands and how to choose the best ones.

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Tool Kit for Locksmithing

The first tool that every locksmith should own is a good hand tool kit. You can find this type of kit at Home Depot or other hardware stores. It should include a drill, screwdrivers, a saw, and other common tools for locksmithing. 

A locksmith’s tool kit should also include some basic power tools, including a cordless Dewalt drill and impact wrench. These tools will come in handy when you need to cut a lock or remove an old key. 

Lock Pick Sets

Most professional locksmiths own a set of hand lock picks, which are tools designed to open a lock by picking it. These hand lock picks can be either manual or electric and are able to conform to the turners in a lock, making them easier for a locksmith to work with. 

Tension Wrench

A tension wrench is one of the most essential tools for a locksmith’s toolkit. They create the necessary pressure to keep the lock pins in place while the locksmith works on them. This helps to make the lockpicking process much faster and more efficient, so it’s an invaluable tool for a locksmith. 

Pick Guns

Many locksmiths like to use lock pick guns as an alternative to hand lock picks. These are more powerful and can level the lock pins to the shear line, but they require skill. Some of these lock pick guns are manual and others are electric, so it is a good idea to check which kind you will be using before purchasing. 

Car Door Locks

The most popular opportunity for a locksmith to do lock servicing is opening the locks of cars. If a customer loses their keys or has locked themselves out of a car, they call the nearest locksmith to help them out. 

Another common need for locksmiths is extracting broken keys from a lock. A locksmith’s broken key extractor can easily remove a broken key from a lock without damaging it. 

Similarly, an auto locksmith uses a broken key extractor to break down a broken key and duplicate it for a customer. This helps the customer to get back into their vehicle quickly and conveniently. 

Plug Spinner

A locksmith’s plug spinner is a handy tool that helps to rotate the plugs of the lock. This allows the locksmith to work efficiently and effectively on a lock by rotating the plugs correctly. 

Laser Key Cutting Machine and Key Duplicator

If you are a locksmith, you’ll need a laser key-cutting machine and a key duplicator to cut your own keys. These machines will allow you to quickly and accurately cut a wide range of standard, auto, simple cut, barrel, and dimple key styles.