What Type of Key Duplication Store Use? 

What type of key duplication store use is a question that many people have when they find themselves in need of an extra set of keys. Whether you have a new roommate, are changing the locks of your house, or simply need a spare to leave with a neighbor in case you get locked out, an extra set of keys is an important security precaution. 

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The good news is that there are a number of places you can go to get your keys copied quickly and affordably. While some may require a trip to a local locksmith, others can be found easily at most large grocery stores or drug stores. 

Grocery and drug stores often have self-service kiosks that allow customers to quickly and easily copy their own keys at home, saving them the trouble of driving to a locksmith or waiting in line for one. This type of service can be especially useful for people who are on a budget or just need some quick copies to have around the house. 

Kroger’s, which operates under a variety of names (King Soopers, Fred Myer’s, Dillions, Ralphs, and Pick ‘n Save), has a number of locations with kiosks that can duplicate your house, office, and even car keys. Check out this section of the guide to learn more about their KeyMe machines, prices, and current locations! 

AutoZone, which has more than 6,400 stores nationwide, is another great place to find a key kiosk. These machines can cut a wide range of keys, including home and office keys, as well as vehicle keys, including transponder keys. 

These kiosks are simple to use and can be located near the front door. Most are designed to copy a standard house key, but some can also copy more complex high-performance keys. 

While they are not a big name, Bed Bath Beyond is another retailer that has an easy-to-use key kiosk. The company has a number of locations throughout the country and they offer an excellent key-copying machine that will provide you with precision copies in minutes. 

Aside from the aforementioned self-service kiosks, many Bed Bath and Beyond locations also carry a full selection of key blanks so that you can make your own copies at home. The blanks are available in a variety of materials, including brass, stainless steel, and more. 

Pep Boys, which has over 1,100 locations across the US, is another good choice for getting your keys copied. Like most of the other companies on this list, they offer self-service kiosks to help you get your keys copied or replaced. 

Lastly, NAPA Auto Parts is a national retailer that offers a variety of services and products to help you take care of your vehicle. They are known for their excellent customer service and can help you get your car keys duplicated, made, or replaced in a matter of minutes. 

Lowe’s has a long history as a major manufacturer of household appliances and now provides services for all your automotive needs as well. In addition to the usual swag of auto parts, Lowe’s has a great selection of key blanks that are available for purchase at their hardware departments. These can be used to make your own copies at home or at a local hardware or auto parts store.