Door Lock Installation Kits 

If you want to install a new door lock, then you should consider buying a door lock installation kit. These kits are great because they contain the tools you need to perform the task correctly. These kits include saws, backsets, and a pilot/arbor bit. They contain various crucial parts, and the auto-strike locator makes the job easier and increases accuracy. 

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Depth stop 

When buying a door lock installation kit, one of the biggest things to look for is a depth stop. This device makes drilling holes much easier and prevents the bit from blowing into the door. Most door lock installation kits use a screwing mechanism, which while effective, tends to leave scratches on the surface of the door. 

Aside from the hole stop, this Milwaukee Door Lock Installation Kit contains ten pieces, which will help you prepare your door for installation. It features an Auto-Centering Drill Guide and a heavy-duty clamp to prevent the unit from moving while drilling and ensuring that the hole is centered for installing the door hardware. It also includes a 1/8″ hole saw and drill bits. 


When it comes to installing a new door lock, having the proper installation instructions is essential. The instructions that come with this kit can help you complete the job quickly and accurately. These instructions will tell you where to insert the bolts and how to secure the door lock. The kit contains the necessary tools to make the job easy and hassle-free. Some of these tools include saws, backsets, pilot/arbor bits, and other crucial parts. Some of these tools also come with an auto-strike locator, which will improve accuracy and eliminate manual measurement. 

The screws that come with these kits are long enough to penetrate the door. But if your door is thicker, you should consider purchasing longer screws to install the locks. 


A door lock installation kit is a tool that makes the process of installing a new lock quick and easy. It contains an arbor, drill bit, and two adjustable bushings that are ideal for both metal and wood doors. The kit is also very lightweight and is made to protect the finish of the door. It is also adjustable to accommodate different door widths. It also comes with a handy template and jig. 

Purchasing a door lock installation kit is a great way to prevent a break-in or theft. It is easy to use and allows you to complete the process within an hour. Professional contractors also use door lock installation kits to install locks on doors. 

Ryobi’s A99DLK4 

The Ryobi A99DLK4 door lock installation kit enables DIY door lock installation with the right tools and techniques. It features easy-to-follow instructions and an auto strike locator that helps you align the strike plate with the template bracket without measuring. It also comes with drill bits and a double-ended screwdriver. The tool is great for installing locksets on standard wood doors. 

The door lock installation kit contains all the tools and materials you’ll need to install the lock. The drill bit is made of medium carbon steel. It’s durable and won’t break or chip. It also comes with a template for the door. It’s also compatible with all standard door widths. 

Milwaukee’s A99DLK4 

If you’re thinking of installing a new door lock, Milwaukee’s door lock installation kit is a great choice. It includes the tools you need to install a lockset and deadbolt, and saves you time and frustration. The kit has auto-centering drill bits and an anti-splinter depth stop that help ensure the right hole alignment for the door hardware. It’s compatible with metal, wood, and composite doors. 

When Milwaukee’s A99DLK4 is on sale, you can get a great deal on this tool. This kit includes everything you need to install a new door lock, including the necessary tools and a durable storage container. You’ll also get a dual-adjustment mechanism, which improves accuracy and makes installation easier. Another feature is an auto-strick locator, which eliminates the need for manual measurements.